Our Professional Refinishing Process

Bathtub & Sink Refinishing Process

Porcelain tubs and sinks require the same preparation, since both are porcelain.

  1. Check the tubs for damage. Any damaged caulking is removed
  2. Thoroughly clean the tub or sink.
  3. Apply the acid etch to make the item porous. This is to ensure good adhesion.
  4. Rinse item with water and thoroughly clean again, this time with a solvent to make sure the item is completely dry.
  5. Fix any damage such as chips, deep scratches, etc.
  6. Mask off all items in the bathroom to protect from any possible dust caused by the spraying process.
  7. Place industrial fan and vent to window to extract any fumes from the bathroom.

*After all this is done, we are ready to begin the process of spraying:

  1. The first three coats are a special primer.
  2. Next, we put on six coats of the topcoat, which is an acrylic urethane, (sometimes called “Synthetic Porcelain,” but in reality there is no such thing). “Sure Bond” is made specifically to be used on porcelain and is the product currently on the market that most resembles porcelain. This is how we make your tub or sink look great!

*After the job is complete you can start to use your tub or sink the next day. If needed even same day!

*All our porcelain tubs come with a 10-year limited warranty. You will be given a Care and Maintenance sheet for instructions on how to properly take care of your resurfaced bathtub along with your warranty paperwork and payment receipt.

Floors & other surfaces carefully protected
Floors & other surfaces carefully protected
Bathtub Refinishing
Cleaning & Sanding
Item is masked off
Item is masked off

Tile Reglazing Process

In just a few hours, we can refinish your bathroom and kitchen tiles to match your décor. No ripping out old tiles.
We offer a wide range of colors including basic black and white as well as an array of pastels and eye-popping colors guaranteed to transform your tiles, make visitors take notice and and make your home the show-place you’ve always wanted it to be.

  1. Ceramic tiles are thoroughly cleaned
  2. Acid etched for adhesion purposes
  3. Grout lines are filled if necessary.  (Some jobs may need to be completely re-grouted and this is an additional fee)
  4. The area is masked off to protect your home and the team begins the spraying process.
  5. Three coats of special primer are applied
  6. Six coats of topcoat are applied to complete the process.

The whole process takes only a few hours* and is more affordable than you might think!

*The drying time for tiles is 24 hours.

*If your tiles need to be completely re-grouted, the process will take two days to complete due to the drying time of the grout.

All surfaces come with a 10-year guarantee! 

Applying primer
Applying primer
Applying topcoat
Applying topcoat
Fumes vented outside
Fumes vented outside

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